Monday, August 8, 2011

and yep, even more random shots, with no explanation...


  1. I can't think of anything to say about the pictures here apart from the fact that I feel really frustrated that you haven't provided an explanation for the second and third photos. What is the name of the creek? Why are there black spots on the flower? Is the flower just floating in the air or is it actually attached to something. Anyway, I'm sure you'll get a chance to explain everything later. I've started building a billy cart with Levi. So far we've made the seat. When people come to visit I get him to go out and get it so that we can show people. I feel like it is one of the great achievements of my life. School has been pretty challenging. Got a few boys who really struggle in my class. I spent about 2 hours today dealing with some bullying. I'm sitting here now listening to Ainslie using the sewing machine. Every now and then a quiet gasp of concern makes its way into my ears. Aaliyah has been eating all of her dinner lately. Maybe she's going through a growth spurt. Miciah did some homework tonight. We watched a few bollywood videos on youtube after dinner and then did some cleaning up. Does is get confusing when you're walking with Happy Meal and Happy Whale at the same time or do you just call them "Meal" and "Whale". I think this style of writing could be best described as stream of consciousness which brings me back to the whole question of why you would post another random picture of a stream without telling us anything about it. Maybe you're just like that guy in his trimaran who hid behind africa and made up stuff about where he'd been in the first round the world solo yacht race. It's been really cold here in Bendigo. And raining. Ainslie is wearing a green scarf on her head - she looks like a Russian Peasant.

  2. i really chuckle when i read your comments. yeh, happy meal & happy whale - i often call happy whale just whale - cos you're still a whale even if you're not happy, and anyway, he's not always happy, whereas happy meal is a concept that can't really be broken up - he's named ironically after the maccas deal - so i always give him his full title... but i often mix them up...