Saturday, April 23, 2011

mocha almond coconut ice cream

so pretty hilarious start to my remote-tough-minimalist hiking experience... i'm missing out heaps here, but i got through customs after much probing on why on earth anyone would do a 5+month walk, and then wandered out into the LA atmosphere to try to find sugar moma (who offered to pick this random up from the airport)... i'd just decided to call when i spied this blue vw - yay. i met sugar moma and frankie (border collie), and we set off on our LA adventures... initially this involved sugar moma leaping out of the van to save the neighbourhood from a fire started from a smoking cigarette butt in mulch.... then meeting british mary and her colombian husband and their chinchilla (and children - but the chinchilla was far more of a curiosity), and their menagerie of collision-face pets... then wandering around the streets visiting asian grocers and organic co-ops to get food... then driving along santa monica beach and through malibu (as the sun descended) eating the most amazing mocha almond coconut based ice cream - an idea of pure genius... then driving through these fabulous canyon riddled mountains to get to where i'm staying - at tony who i haven't yet met properly's house... and having chocolate flavoured stout, and, oh i must go - more later...


  1. sweet, glad you've arrived safely. so fun to be reading what's happening in your life right now. you've been on my mind more than usual the past few weeks, so very stoked to get an email and link to blog. hope you are able to keep it up, it's nice to "be in touch" again. :)


  2. Man, I am going to love reading your blog! Already so very enjoyable. Eat up lots of yummy ice-cream now while you can. I'm envious.

  3. yaay kyles! i read the links & it sounds amazing. stay safe and enjoy the wild beauty.. a broad grin for you! -jem xox