Friday, April 22, 2011


well, this is my attempt to document a little of my hike from mexico to canada along the pacific crest trail. i had some grand ideas about how i was going to do this, but now i'm creating a blog after midnight on the night before i fly out to los angeles...

i've put a link to an article about the trail on the side, and a download for the trail for google earth.

during church on the last sunday before i left hobart, kylee, a mother of 3, stood up to speak about her daughter veronika. veronika had a stroke pre-birth, has down syndrome, cerebral palsy and a heart condition. the doctors told kylee she would probably never walk. kylee broke down as she spoke of her determination to help veronika learn to walk, something which will require a great deal of hard work and funding. and there seemed something fitting about the fact that i was heading off to walk 4300km, like it would be good to at least encourage people to check out veronika's website and do what they could to help - so i added the link on the side...

then, in my wanderings over the past fortnight, i went to a michael franti concert. at the door there was info about care's 'walk in her shoes' campaign, which also seemed fitting, so i've added that too... franti supports soles for souls on his website, which is tying into to this whole walk-shoe-foot thing, but i figure there are probably things people need before they need shoes, so i added tear and su tas (where i've spent this last 9 or 10 months working)instead...


  1. All the best Kyles, sounds a trifle exciting and I cant think of anyone more suited to such a challenge!

  2. Hey Kyle Kyle Hike-a-While. Hope Sugar Daddy and Smokey & The Bandit get you to the starting line safely & smoothly. Hope all your shopping & posting goes well. Break a leg! Or don't. Maybe shake a leg.

  3. Great to be on the journey with you. The house seems empty now that you've left although there are still many reminders of you from your short visit with us.

  4. Well, I can't say I'm surprised. If anyone I know was going to journey from Mexico to Canada it would be you...or Forrest Gump. Glad to be on the journey with you - Blog-style!