Friday, June 3, 2011

about that jacket

om arriving at the saufleys in agua dulce, i discovered 5 packages waiting for me... one of the packages was addressed to kylie - australian women with dreads, and this is the message on the box:

and so, i have my jacket back (yay)- although i think i'm going to swap it for my mont at kennedy meadows before we get into the high sierra because the sierras are still incredibly snow bound and i suspect we'll be camping in the snow more than we anticipated...


  1. Love the Photo with parcel message! You are a good woman.

  2. the story of the down jacket!
    just loved the final conclusion Kyls-this could be a movie!
    after staying in that million dollar car shed, did you speak to the disney director re: the important and somewhat life-savings travels of the only twice worn down jacket!?
    take it easy and enjoy the smoked salmon

  3. So glad the jacket's back. Very glad too that Quijote lives to walk another trail