Thursday, June 30, 2011

habitat for humanity in haiti...

after the trail, and after hanging out with jane in northwest america, i'm intending to go and visit kellyanne borg in haiti. she sent me a link to a habitat for humanity project going on there... it costs $5000 to volunteer for a week. i haven't looked into it properly yet, it's tricky when you get to town and have to organise everything quickly. but i was pondering the idea of putting one of those donation things on this blog, and if i raised enough, volunteering, and if not giving it to HFH - or actually probably tear in haiti...

this is a link to the project:

although, i'm really not sure about all of this, i suspect there may be others who would be far more effective than me, and possibly i should be trying to resource them... feel very very free to provide feedback here...


  1. Hey Skids,

    I'm behind you 100% of the way!! God has blessed me with so many donations for Haiti today. I'm overwhelmed by people's generosity. I'd like to be the first to donate towards you coming to Haiti to build a home with Habitat. (okay, I would also love the visit... so maybe I have ulterior motives in getting you there!! LOL)

    p.s.- with God you don't need to be qualified, just available!!

  2. p.p.s.- I just followed the link you provided. It appears they are not taking on any more volunteers this year. There is now a waiting list!

  3. Bummer. Oh well keep your eyes & ears open to other ideas. Btw I lovseething the words "hanging out with Jane in northwest America"!!

  4. Yep. I'll research other volunteering options..
    Got to be something helpful I can do..