Wednesday, November 30, 2011

back in the wonderful world of LAX

well, after spending the most stupendously fantastic week with the savos of seattle (premiere thanksgiving destination of north america, and therefore the world), i have returned to the shamozzle of LAX. (i will try to write about seattle from thailand.) the flight followed part of the pct, and it felt pretty nostalgic, viewing it from above, coated in snow like some tasty dessert with lots of egg white. the windows were filthy, and i took this on my phone, but you get the idea.
a fierce cross wind as we were coming in to land set the tiny jet swinging wildly. the same gusty wind buffeted me as I walked across the airport (LAX has a crazy layout), so i was dodging sheets of plastic and the surprisingly large bases of palm leaves, and staggering around like a drunk. i'm guessing it's the same wind which has knocked out the power to the airport (as i was ascending the stationary escalator), so that i'm sitting in the dark, typing this. on the horizon there is an enormous tongue of flame, and i'm hoping it's supposed to be there, and not a plane which lost sight of the landing lights with the power outage.

in fairly typical fashion i've managed to leave my external hard drive at the savos, after wiping my sd card, so it'll be a while before I can do those retro- posts. this is a shot of desi I had on my phone...

(the airport lights just came back on, to widespread applause and cheering. sometimes humans are bizarre creatures.) also, the photos don't match the words - but it's far too much work to rearrange on my phone ...


  1. I think we saw this mountain flying from SF to Vancouver - do you know which one it is?

  2. Think it's Rainier. Amd the next one you see might be Adams, not totally sure. Flight to Beijing os boarding now.