Wednesday, November 23, 2011

chillin at LAX

I'm sitting in a starbucks in LAX, one of the messier, more unwieldy airports I've been to. It's 1am, 3am Haiti time, and I left Kellyanne's house 20 hours ago. I've been in planes or airports ever since and have 10 hours before I'll be in Seattle and I feel delightfully seedy.
I'm heading to the fabulous Savos of Seattle for thanksgiving and a week of wintry Washington weather before returning to the warmth of the tropics in Thailand. Ah, Starbucks is closing, so I'm off to wander, or find a little cranny for a bit of a kip.

(I've been curled up dozing on the only bench thing I could find, and it's seriously chilly in here. I've been using my pack cover to keep warm - same cover ma sewed for me when I was a teenager ... earlier on I was struggling to get the knots undone because of all the transfer tags around the cord, and I asked a builder to cut them for me. Years and years ago, when the bag was much newer, I told my sister Ains if she could get the knots undone I'd give her a cow. I still haven't given her that cow.)


  1. Hey. You should've named this post "chilLAXing" - get it?! I'm so funny. Have I mentioned that I wish I was coming to Thanksgiving with you? Havd an extra piece of Maryanne's pie for me, ok? If you can fit it in.

  2. Ha! They're still fixing up the airport so there's those reLAX signs everywhere like last time we were here... I will sample everything at Thanksgiving for you, and see it as my sworn duty to eat extra pie for you. We will have a toast in your name.

  3. Kyles your second box of stuff arrived yesterday. Customs had confiscated some twigs and dirt!!! I'd say you may have been fortunate they didn't confiscate your tent!!! Enjoy Thanksgiving

  4. missing you in Haiti! :-( give us an update on your blog.

    jill and kellyanne

  5. p.s.- Junior (our guard) asked about you this morning; he asked where you were. Everyone's missing you here! ;-)