Thursday, July 28, 2011

a very brief g'day

hey, i'm at these fabulous trail angels' holiday house at buck's lake, sort of near belden. it's 11:27pm, and i need to get to sleep so i'll be very brief. next time i get on i'll write of the amazing perils i've been facing, and the frenetic ninja dance i've had to develop to stay alive. i've hiked the last couple of days with chris & nicole & happy whale & head banger, and the section before that alone.

today more than any other day actually felt like summer (and we had a 3000 foot climb after which we were all drenched in sweat). we got to swim in a river with no chunks of ice floating in it... i'll be in chester in 2 days and hopefully i'll get a chance to write more then, although i'm hoping to be in and out quickly...

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  1. Naomi was asking me about you today, wondering if you'd come help us decorate our christmas tree this year. She calls you "that girl on ice" it always takes me a moment to register who she means...but then I reminder it's you, and she's referring to a photo she saw on your blog awhile back. Fyi too, there are now 7 in our fam, joel born a couple weeks back. Where does the time go? -melmo