Sunday, July 31, 2011

wohoo - 2134 km... halfway there...

so there's a little debate about exactly where halfway is - i figure it's symbolic anyway, and largely notional considering we're 60% of the way through our time, and apparently through the hard stuff; and we've spent a lot of time wandering off trail with the snow, and taking detours... but this is the halfway point as determined by an on-trail marker...

this series of photos involves chewi, lighthouse, headbanger and i doing the celebratory leap, only it takes broken record a while to figure out the camera...

i like it as a series, feel like it tells a bit of a story... (maybe like what a bunch of demented uncos we are...)[in order it's chewy/chewie/chewi - short for chewbacca, me, headbanger & lighthouse]

the last shot is lunch right on the trail at the halfway point... chewy, lighthouse, broken record, head banger, seahorse and chilidog... chewy, lighthouse & broken record are canucks - from edmonton, alberta...


  1. well done! great achievement :-)

  2. Did you get that jimbrick out in that photo or was it another phantom? (I'm really getting into this comment thing now)

  3. I just want you to know that was Lucas, not me. He is gross.

  4. love the photo series...i opened each one in a new tab to look at them closer before reading the story alongside, then tried to guess what you all were doing. made me laugh, fun...thought maybe you all were doing the haka.

    ps...naomi is still called homie, when i told her you were wondering, she said, "you all call me that, but i call myself, naomi" ... i think she's okay with it, she use to get called homer, but has strictly ruled that one out.

    love your stories!

  5. Hey Kylie - Well done! Great effort! Fab photos despite the dodgy lens. The trail angels and fellow hikers all sound great fun. Anita

  6. Well done Kyls!!
    The 2nd last photo where your face has an interesting expression?:)
    Your feet on the other hand are in an excellent ballet position :) Good point, good turnout, good elevation, good arch and extension!:)The would be calssed as a 2nd position in Ballet.
    Ever considered ballet as a career?:)lol

  7. Congratulations, and great series of pictures of the halfway celebration! You guys all deserve to look a bit crazed after what you have been through in the last 1330 miles!!!

    Al (banger's dad)