Friday, October 21, 2011

bonswa ki soti ayiti

well, after running a little form filling out service on the plane to haiti (seemed to be surrounded by folk who either couldn't see or couldn't read - which is funny, cos they all spoke creole, with a couple with limited, heavily accented english, so it was a pretty hilarious process, with people passing bundles of documents to me up the plane, and me guessing the spelling of 'rues' and towns... there was a lot of mèsi, mèsi going on), i arrived at port au prince international airport without kellyanne's address on me - always a foolish way to try to enter a country... after spending some time in the immigration office (which was pretty hilarious), i was sent out (through immigration and customs, and right out of the airport) to get the address, so that i could go through customs and immigrations... and even when dan (the bloke picking me up with a sign that said 'skids'), got it a little wrong, the fellas in the immigration office (now my good mates), cheerfully worked it out for me and wrote some address in... i spent a lot of time grinning.

these pictures are pretty ordinary - but they happen to be the only ones i've taken since arriving... still a bit shy of taking my camera out - always struggle in places like this... the first shots are of people making beads out of cornflake boxes - i'll write more about this later, and about my first creole lesson, and other stuff later, but now kel and i are going to take a wander up the street for some tucker...


  1. I love it that the guy Dan had "Skids" on the sign for you. So funny. I can see that I'm going to love reading your Haiti posts already. Keep them coming. Say hi to KB.

  2. Very amusing to read....sounds typical of a Kylie adventure...not everything going to plan...but then, do you ever have a plan? I'm with Jane - I love reading what you're up to.

  3. Just back from a lovely lunch with Anita at the Mt Nelson Restaurant. Met Ann who's been back from America for less than a week!
    We're with Jane and the Dukes. We love reading your blogs.