Saturday, September 3, 2011

epic journey into mordor

once again i've managed to make it through a town spot without really communicating. it can be so hard to get onto a computer, especially when you're with others... buttercup, wiz and i are about to leave portland, attempting to hitch back to cascade locks. heading north from here communication could well be sketchier, so it might be occasional brief notes till i get to manning park, soon after which i think i'll be able to do a big catch up... i will write about the epic journey into mordor at some future point (it was truly amazing)... there are a few images from it below - selected from tiny thumbnails...


  1. Looks fabulous - love the shot with the old tree in it. Great to have some feel of the country you are walking through. Wet section to come. Take care.

  2. Hey Kyls!
    Great pictures, I have made the first one as a background for my pc at work.
    hope thats ok?:)
    carn't believe you have only 20 days to go!