Friday, September 30, 2011

more from skykomish to stehekin... river violence

there was an almost mythical river crossing ahead. we'd heard it was incredibly perilous, a log bridge high above a gorge with a crazy torrent of water rushing far below... when we got to it, it was just a log over a river not dissimilar to many we'd forded...

many of the bridges on the rivers had been fully washed out..

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  1. Love reading more bits of your journey Kylie. Your pictures in the snow which I assume are not far from manning park are so similar to ones Toph took while he was living there (though he's had heaps more snow in them and lots of sunshine) - beautiful spot. TJ and I were chatting the other day about how awesome your effort has been. Not one bit of us would like to walk that far, but we've all got different passions hey. Hope the memories stay strong and don't fade too quickly. Much love. xo