Sunday, September 11, 2011


So far notoriously miserable Washington has been beautiful: fabulous weather, spectacular scenery, and mate, the flowers - astonishing. We're at White Pass, essentially a servo and ski resort 145mi into Washington. We'll eat too much junk food and pick up our resupply boxes and hike out feeling vaguely disgusting thisarvo.
Yesterday we bathed under a snow fed waterfall (major brain freeze), crossed a glacier (actually sounds more impressive than it was, in fact I persuaded Wiz that it wasn't a glacier then read the map), followed an epic knife-edge ridge, saw some crazy looking mountain goats and wandered through meadows liberally studded with lupins, indian paint brush and buttercups. The fields of flowers really do seem preposterously, abundantly, riotously extravagant ... and the berry fields - not sure if I mentioned it but I feel like a kid let loose in Willy Wonka's factory - there are just fields of huckleberries, blueberries, thimbleberries, and the tastiest blackberries and strawberries I've ever eaten. So fabulous.
There are fires about so Mt Rainier has been hazy, however generally the views have been splendid. It's 82° F here which I think is only like 28° or something, but I think it's a record high for this time of year here.
I have an atrocious cold which Ma & Pa passed on from Canada - which I figure is like acclimation training; prep for Canada. Still travelling with Wiz and Buttercup, and for the last couple of days Mowgli. Buttercup got bitten by a dog yesterday and wants to use my phone to check up on rabies info; it's been fabulous knowing him, today's probably his last day on this beautiful earth.
In roughly four days we should be in Snoqualmie, and three days after that at the Dinsmore's in Skykomish, where I might be able to upload some photos... Canada is a fortnight tomorrow.


  1. hey sorry about the cold. We're finding it a hard one to shake! The berry feast sounds delicious

  2. I AM SO EXCITED!! You're doing it! You've nearly done it! Extraordinary. Praying that your cold clears really soon.

  3. Wow - you're nearly there! You are amazing! I often talk about my friend who's walking from Mexico to Canada, and people are quite amazed and look at me with a bit of disbelief until I repeat what I said. You're incredible. Enjoy this last bit. Hop finishing and transitioning back to the real world (if you can all it that, I guess I mean the world of life off the trail)goes well. xo

  4. hey kyl,
    all sounds so great. Isn't that a great name - Skykomish. Something good is sure to happen there. I'm off to uni to do a microbiology assignment - I've been saving it til right at the end - like my kids and Lucas do with the meat in a stir-fry. But now there's no more time and I'll just have to go and savour every moment.