Thursday, September 15, 2011


I think we're getting soft. We managed to make it to snoqualmie pass while the restaurant was still open and have a huge tea despite hitting excellent trail magic early in our 32mile day. (32 miles in Washington is a little harder than 32 in Oregon.) And we were going to head to the chevron to resupply and then cowboy somewhere nearby ... but the weather's changed and it's really cold outside, so we persuaded the desk person to give us a discount on a room in the hotel, and now everyone's showered and sleeping. It's 12:30am, long after hikers should be in bed.
I'm still hiking with Buttercup, Wiz and Mowgli. Buttercup's English is a little hilarious at times (he's German) and I've laughed a lot over the past week.
There is much to tell, hopefully I'll get a chance to write in the morning. We're at 2402mi. Only about 262mi to go; only 12 days. Felt sad today when I realised how soon it was going to end. And like I had to really concentrate on appreciating every moment. Still feel like the most privileged person on earth.


  1. Oh shower and sleep... nice. Cannot believe how quickly your time has started to dwindle! I'm sad for you too but happy that you have reached those funny named places like Skykomish & Snoqualmie we were just reading off a map on your folks dining table not so long ago! You're there amongst it. In Twin Peaks territory... very cool. How was Mt Ranier looking? Was it clear or clouded over?

  2. Hi Kylie, it's the Manns here!! We were just saying you must be near the end, so we checked up and yep, only about 12 days to go. Good for us, cos we miss you, but must be sort of weird to have the epic journey nearly done. Unless of course you cant wait to show the rest of civilisation your worn out boots and sexy muscled legs.... and just maybe a nice comfy bed, hot shower, food not out of a can, the AFL finals (haha), us,..
    lots of love xx

  3. It's funny how 262miles sounds like a small amount but if I were facing a 262mile walk I'd think it was huge!! Savour your final days on the track. Can't wait to hear more about it and see some more of your photos.