Tuesday, September 6, 2011

portland, oregon...

i'm in portland, oregon. buttercup, wiz and i got a ride down with annie and her dad a few days ago. bit of a struggle to upload things here, however i suspect washington might be tricky for net acccess and communication in general.
we'll be back on the trail sometime today, then it's only about 20 days till the end, which is a little surreal.

this is a shot of mount hood as we were climbing it to have breakfast at timberline lodge. amazing breakfast - we walked 44 miles (70km) the day before so we could make it. headbanger's feet were totally trashed (he'd done 42 miles the day before that to catch us, we only did 35)...


  1. Can't imagine any breakfast good enough to walk 70k for!!!!

  2. You made your own waffles fresh and smothered them in berries and cream and walnuts... it was pretty jolly good.

  3. Hi Kylie,
    We noticed on Banger's blog that you were walking with someone named Wizz. If you wanted to simplify the whole trail naming thing further, he could be number 1's and you could be number 2's. All the best with that.
    On a serious note I went on my first Soar camp last week for three days. I vaguely recall you or Mawson going on one some time back. It's a pretty challenging concept. There were some really amazing moments and some very difficult moments. Hopefully over the 12 months God can do some real good through it all. Went to directors' meeting straight after and felt pretty inspired and challenged. Had a great time the weekend before helping out with a seminar that Marty was running at Dukey and Michelle's place.

  4. 20 days?! Whoooo-hooo! Champion effort my friend. Mt Hood is a beauty.

  5. your comment above about the breaky made me giggle - i could just hear you saying it. sounds amazing to me, but don't know that I'd walk that far for it either. your description of the berries in your email to zo made me a little jealous, and reminded me of blackberrying days in ballarat. been to a coffee shop round the corner from our place a couple of times recently that for some reason makes me think of you. i don't think you should go to haiti or anywhere else worthwhile, fun or adventurous like that after pct - just come back so we can see you. I miss you! xo

  6. Your pics are amazing! I love them...
    Can't wait to catch up in November :-)