Wednesday, May 25, 2011

pines in the mist

the pine forests smell amazing as you walk through. there are heaps of different kinds of pines. often while we're up in the mountains mists come rushing through rapidly - can look very dramatic.

there are all these things that i was thinking i wanted to post while hiking yesterday, but now there are people lurking behind me wanting to use the computer and i can't think of any of it. the last three days we've walked 30, 30, 25 to get here to the saufley's. that's 48km two days in a row, then a 40. which potentially sounds big, but it's mostly an amazingly good track...


  1. Ouch! How's the tendonitis going with such big distances?

  2. beautiful piccies - would love to be there

  3. well ma, i've something to say about that... might post that right now...