Sunday, May 15, 2011


this does not capture in any way the conversations, thoughts or ethos of the trail, but i've been meaning to mention a little of the culture... (i've just scan read this - not sure if it makes sense - it's quite late for a hiker - especially one who rose at 5 after a frigid night in the wind and ice)

i've had really interesting conversations about freedom, and truth, and what beauty really looks like. i've had conversations about the nature of God and the universe, and the substance of organised religion, and the operation and responsibility of human society...

it's an interesting culture to be part of. it's incredibly diverse, and yet there are these common threads. it's more welcoming than most environments, and there's this belief in humanity - especially in the members of the trail community - and a desire to see others succeed...

at some level most of these people deny the essence of goodness, and yet they have a better handle on the basics of love and freedom than most of society. there's a real sense of building into others, and looking out for others. there's a deep appreciation of beauty and a genuine sense of wonder and delight in good things. often there seems to be a serious quest after freedom.

there's another side of course, the side that degrades humanity, and denies truth. but still, there's an element here - hard to define - but people who are really living - and not of course to the degree they could be, but living freer and more wildly than many people ever manage to. i think there's something to be captured in this, without letting the stuff that diminishes or degrades pollute that goal.

i was going to write more here, but people keep chatting to me...

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  1. we miss you - love your descriptions of all you're experiencing over there. sent you an email, not sure that you're getting them? so good that you're chatting well with people. we'll pray you see fruit of these conversations. let your light shine. xo