Monday, May 9, 2011

on american food

had my first experience of biscuits and gravy this morning, sadly didn't have a camera to document what the guys ate. contrary to my presuppositions, an american biscuit is like a large soft scone, and the gravy was like a weird white sauce. much weirder than this is american cheese. it is this vibrant orange colour and involves non cheese ingredients. i've eaten a variety of chilli dogs, and pop tarts (apple strudel & brown sugared flavoured)... in fact i have really struggled to buy decent cereal, gave up on muesli and went for granola. i've had home made granola before which was good, but the stuff out of the packet tastes like dessert topping.
(i've also eaten some amazingly good food - but it's not as weird - it's like americans decide something is good and then figure out a way to homogenise it, package it, and mass produce it) (and the weird processed stuff is much stranger than eating dog cooked in monkey poo quite frankly, and no where near as tasty)...
there are hikers waiting for this computer so i'd better hop off...


  1. Hahahahaha yumm.........

  2. My understanding is that Americans use the word "biscuit" to refer to any kind of scone (hence why they use the word "cookie" for the things Australians refer to as biscuits).

    As an American, I'm saying that that orange "cheese" stuff does not taste that great. If I recall correctly, the best options there were to get Swiss if you could (that wasn't too bad), or, failing that, to get the individually wrapped cheese single slices; they're not that great either, but I found them more tolerable than the orange stuff.

    It's possible to mix your own muesli. To make a bin of it, use 5 cups rolled oats, 1/2 cup skim milk powder, 1/2 cup raw sugar, 2 cups diced apples, 1/2 cup diced apricots, 1 cup wheat harts (aka wheatgerm), 1 cup sultanas (=raisins in the USA) or dates, and 1 cup chopped nuts (almonds and peanuts). Don't skip the wheatgerm, skim milk powder, and sugar, because they stop the fruit from clumping. If you can't get raw sugar, then maybe try more of the other two; most other sugars are too "damp".

  3. Levi was awarded the persistent paddlers award tonight. We're all sitting around in the Frosts' lounge room. It's freezing cold outside.

  4. been out of touch with your blog for a few days, and i've missed so much...

    biscuits and gravy, a southern delight...wonder if the gravy had ground sausage lumps in it...never really liked it myself, but my dad loves the stuff.

    you'll have to try grits next.