Monday, May 9, 2011

some random shots...

working out my maps in bendigo prior to leaving... i've posted them to various towns up the trail

before a place called scissors crossing, there was a great breeze here which was great at cooling off some of the sweat...

bad example of the kind of stuff we were walking through last night. i'd borrowed one of wiz' poles cos i've got tendonitis in my achilles, pretty handy for some of the snow crossings... wee bit cold in the holes in my shoes...

this is a bit of ridgeline which was looking remarkably lord of the ringsish... hard to take photos cos it was freezing with crazy misting winds, and we'd climbed 10000 feet, which is quite a bit when you're not so fit...

some legendary individuals have cached water in the long dry sections - very very handy... there's a note on this sign suggesting the bones belong to a 2010 thru-hiker - but dad, i think it's a coyote, and i've been looking everywhere for a coyote jawbone in case i'm ever in trouble - you'll be glad to know such things can be found, think the desert stretches are pretty failsafe as long as you've got you're coyote jawbone...


  1. thanks for sending the pictures Kyls they look great!
    Sorry to hear about your tendonitis tho... :(

    stay warm and enjoy the hot drinks,


  2. I love the lord of the rings ridgeline photo! Amazing! Sounds like you're having a ball & I love reading about all your latest escapades!! :)

  3. coyote Jaw bone? I thought it was all about knowing where your towel is!
    Look after those tendons!

    I was walking in Bruny island at the weekend - on the Slide Track which was a wet tunnel of trees, overgrown with cutting grass and full of leeches! I thought of you and I thought "I hope Kylie is enjoying her walk a lot more than I am" I am glad to see it looks like you are :-)