Monday, May 30, 2011

some addresses...

Ok, just in case you were keen to send something here are some addresses. It's a bit tricky working out where I'm going to be versus how long international post takes from australia, but I'll put in some options. I should be in Yosemite valley in a bit over a month...

Hold for pct hiker kylie skidmore
General delivery
Hmmmm I thought it would be easier to look up Yosemite valley think it's zip code is 95389 and it's probably just Yosemite valley CA 95389 but when I get to a computer I'll google that

If Australia post is faster than 10 days and you were fast:
PCT hiker Kylie skidmore
c/o kennedy meadows general store
96740 beach meadow road
Inyokern CA 93257

If mail is posted general delivery to a post office I can call them - if I know it's there- and for some reason I overshoot it or miss that stop and forward it wherever for free...

Mammoth lakes is about 3 weeks at this stage - and it's a post office anyway ...
PCT hiker Kylie skidmore
General delivery
Mammoth Lakes CA 93546

I think sierra city is about 7 weeks away...

PCT hiker Kylie skidmore
General delivery
Sierra city CA 96125

Need to escape the vortex and get out of casa de luna...

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