Monday, May 9, 2011

zeroing in idyllwild

i'm in a little town called idyllwild, sort of mountain cutesy-redneck kind of joint, and it's unbelievably cold. i'm still hiking with wiz and alex, and yesterday was long, freezing and beautiful. there's a lot of snow up top, and we came down off the mountain in the drizzling dark. today, just below the line of mist all the trees are frosted over.
i was intending to go over san jacinto tomorrow - it's over 10000 feet, but it's covered in 4 foot of snow (i am constantly converting between their ridiculous imperial measurements and metric), so haven't quite decided what to do there... beyond san jacinto (which eveyone bar me probably realises you pronounce san hacinto) there's a ridge - fuller ridge, which descends from over 10000 down to something like 1300 - back down to the desert, so i'll leave this icy land of snow and squirrels and chipmunks for the desolate heat and rattle snakes.
i'm at about mile 177 here, and all is well except achilles tendonitis in my left heel, and maybe a little tib tendonitis in my right ankle...


  1. LOVE the new entries! Thanks for the photos too. So great to see you out there. What can you do for your tendonitis? Do you have a balm? Can you stop and rest it?

  2. Actually I do have a crazy horse linament. Best not to finger whistle after application, numb tongue for hours.