Wednesday, May 25, 2011

oops... odds and ends..

i'm sitting in the kitchen, still in agua dulce, listening to alex play guitar and annie cooking tamales and corn bread. annie's corn bread was surprisingly good - she cooked it in the microwave as the stove was overly recalcitrant...
one of the things i forgot to mention was the astonishing amount of wildflowers. they're everywhere, carpets of them, rock gardens, botanical gardens of them... so many different varieties and colours... i keep thinking ma would struggle to make more than 2 miles a day because she'd be paralysed by photo opportunities. i gave up early because there were too many, and because i couldn't get the macro function on my camera to work (think i've since worked out that the intelligent function does it for me...)

Some places the internet drops out, so most of what I wrote here didn't make it to the blog... i also uploaded a whole heap of photos which didn't save... and now I'm using my phone so cannot upload photos...


  1. Bewdiful KP! Keeping adding photos. Little snippets of info are very enjoyable. Are you keeping another journal?
    Tonight is the DVD screening of your doco of the trail for SU Tas. Hopefully we can raise some funds and learn a bit about the trail experience.

  2. Oh and did you know Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey was filmed at Agua Dulce?! Little bit of trivia for you.

  3. hi kylie...

    boy. just had a nice long catch-up read. have to say this blog (ie. your life) is very inspiring. It makes me a more daring person. (Like, I went to sleep in my kennet river bed without my hot water bottle these past 2 weeks, because I thought, if kylie can do all this, I'm sure I can handle it.) seriously though, the vicarious life has a lot going for it... especially with blogs like these. looking forward to the rest of the journey...

    love, Lucila

    ps. I finally worked out that 'drop dead' was a person, not a kylie-ism for a beautiful sight. might be quite funny if you read back over the posts....
    pps. and I hope some of your freedom buddies get to come away with the real deal to boot thanks to your participation in the breeze-shooting, if you know what i mean.