Thursday, May 5, 2011

g'day from warner springs

g'day g'day. i'm in a place called warner springs. i shared a room with 4 other hikers last night - walked in at 9pm under the setting sun and a crescent moon, and soaked in the hot springs for an hour. i'm having troubles with technology - right now i'm attempting to upload photos but the computer won't recognise the presence of my camera usb...
the walking's been beautiful. a crazy riotous proliferation of wildflowers everwhere - almost lumescent green & pink catcus flowers and every colour and kind of flower you can imagine. swam in some pools near a cascade one day with 2 other guys who i've ended up hiking with a fair bit. it's all ridiculously social at this point. a huge amount of people attempting a through hike start out at a similar time, so i'm regularly bumping into people. nothing like the solitary experience it often is in australia.
i've seen 3 rattle snakes, which i was really looking forward to, along with a number of other snakes, a gopher, a vulture and lots of squirrels (still exciting to me).
in idyllwild, which is about 4 or 5 days up the track i should have better contact, which hopefully will mean i can uplaod some photos. we've got the san jacinto mountains ahead - lots of snow which is also pretty exciting.
i've learnt a few northern constellations, and i'm learning to pronounce my name in a way that can be understood, although mostly i just have to go with carly cos they can't hear the i sound...
there are people waiting for these computers so i'll finish up...
for those who have been concerned about my safety, even though my us phone is a bit of a dud currently, i'm travelling with people who are ridiculously connected, so there's little chance of trouble.
everyday i feel so incredibly blessed - so much beauty, so many seredipitous moments, so much love and goodwill from people we meet.
i will try to write soon...


  1. Great to get an update, thought you might have got lost.
    Spuds very exciting but could do with out the snakes. Not to sure aout
    The snow as we sit in Cairns at about 29,
    Luv Garry and Barb Duke

  2. So good to hear how you're going. Hard to imagine there being that many people walking with you. Sounds so beautiful too. Think of and so pray for you often too. Much love - the Dukes (Dukey and Shell, Zoe, Ambrie and Cademon variety). xo

  3. Thanks for the up-dates Kyls.
    Great to be going along your journey even from afar.
    Go well!

    Blessings to you!

  4. Andrew T put a link to your blog on the latest newsletter... So great to hear how you are going! Praying the time is filled with such amazement and blessings for you.

    Naomi :-)

  5. Wowsers KP! Mum and I just watched the DVD you sent over. Amazing! We just kept saying "oh wow, that's beautiful! Look at that!" Twas so good to see the trail and get a wee glimpse of your footsteps. Everyone needs to see it! Perhaps I could do a movie night / fundraiser for one of your suggested organizations. (I can't stop smiling at the thought of sharing a brew with you at the end!)