Saturday, May 28, 2011

kidnapping and forest fires (or caught in the vortex)

I'm about to spend my 4th night in the one spot. A strange series of events has had me stuck at the Anderson's for 2 zero days with an eight mile slack pack between them. Terrie Anderson mischievously conspired to have me stay longer and even though at times I've been itching to get on the track it's been totally worth it. Relationship building and many memorable experiences often happen at trail angels' houses or town stops

There was actually a forest fire north of here yesterday, which i thought might validate us spending so much time here, but they had it completely under control yesterday arvo. Tomorrow, after pancakes and a viewing of some of the last few days' frivolities, we'll be heading out into the desert once more, following the LA aqueduct through the Mojave. I'm about 250 miles shy of the sierra, which there has been a great deal of talk about due to the record amounts of snow this year.

I received a little package from the frosts at agua dulce which was incredibly fabulous (thanks for the amazing pictures Aaliyah), so on the morning I'm going to add some addresses I can receive mail at. Definitely better get to sleep now, it's 11:37, way past hiker midnight.

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